Featured Models: Twins Brittni and Brandi! 9 months ago

You're not seeing double… We are just featuring TWINS this week!

Brittni and Brandi have lived in Seattle, WA for the past two years. Originally from a smaller town (Camas, WA), they decided to break out and pursue their dreams in a bigger city! 

They were locally scouted three years ago, and have been doing lots of modeling ever since! Runway shows in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Seattle have given them lots of amazing experience. Currently, they are featured on some local Seattle clothing line websites;)

When it comes to promotional work, they've discovered that people really like twins! Whenever they work an event together, people love striking up conversation with them! And, who better to work an event with, than your sister! 

They love promotional work, because it's fast paced, fun, and full of personality. And, with them attending college right now, the flexbility in scheduling makes it ideal or them! Good luck in your future endeavors, ladies.

To view Brittni's full profile, CLICK HERE.

To view Brandi's full profile, CLICK HERE.

To book Brittni and/or Brandi please fill out a contact form and include a link to their profile! Send us the details of the event and we will make it happen!!



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