Featured Model: Yuliana. 9 months ago

Yuliana is a Russian girl, living the American dream. She currently resides in Orlando, FL. 

She loves working promotional events, because it allows her to connect with all different walks of life. She loves learning about different products and educating people on why it’s so great! 

Sometimes, she finds herself working unusual promotional events… One in particular comes to her mind. She worked a medical laser promotion, that was a weight loss program. A lot of the booth’s visitors kept saying, “She doesn’t need to lose any weight!” And, the supervisor of the booth would joke back, “You should’ve seen her before we started.” 

One of her ambitions for the year: To learn to surf! Keep us updated with pictures, once you learn to surf! We know you can do it;)

If you’d like to view Yuliana's full profile, CLICK HERE.

To book Yuliana please fill out a contact form and include a link to her profile! Send us the details of the event and we will make it happen!!





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