Featured Model: Meet Kind Katie 9 months ago

Katie has lived in Michigan, Arizona, Utah, California, and Hawaii–now, she resides in Indiana! She loves to travel, and meet people. Which I'm sure is one of the main reasons she has been so successful in the promotional world. She loves promoting products, networking, and maintaining a fast-paced work environment. A self-proclaimed cat lady, she also enjoys anything outdoors! You may find her on a dirt bike in the summer, or a snow mobile in the winter with her family.

When she's not modeling, she's working for a pharmaceutical company and attaining her BA in Business Marketing. What a busy lady! She's also married to the man of her dreams for more than seven years, a US Marine. 

Her parents raised her to truly live life to the fullest, and she maintains that as her philosophy on life. We are so proud of you Katie! Keep up the hard work;)


If you’d like to view Katie's full profile, CLICK HERE.

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