Featured Model: Alyssa 9 months ago

Alyssa is originally from Georgia, but now resides in Los Angeles. 

She's the real deal: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Promotional Model, etc.

She possesses not only beauty, but has brains too! She was dual enrolled in high school and college at the same time, while working as a model/entertainer. Her ability to think on her feet, while providing wit and intelligence, helps her stand out of the crowd when it comes to the promotional world.

She admits to being an anime junkie, loves riding rollercoasters, playing video games, and she's an avid archer. Wow, so cool! She also enjoys creating art, and spending time with her loved ones. Keep dreaming big, Alyssa.

To view Alyssa's full profile CLICK HERE.

To book Alyssa please fill out a contact form and include a link to her profile! Send us the details of the event and we will make it happen!!


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