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Yes yes that's right! CEA provides super staff for all of your experiential marketing needs! Our staff has years of experience to help elevate your next event to the next level. Our experiential staff takes spreading your brands message very seriously. They are professional, hardworking, and love what they do. 

" Meeting new people on a project per project basis is truly a gift. To be able to meet people from all walks of life and put a smile on their face by offering some sort of incentive or information on the brand I am representing is such a pleasure. Makes my day every time.''        – Amber Chicago brand ambassador super star

Our experiential staff experts know their purpose in the world of experiential marketing. To spread a message and bring a brand to life. And with CEA staff you are in good hands. They will most certainly work their hardest to make your event a success. 

How can experiential staff help?

– Reach a larger number of consumers and create brand awareness.

– Give your brand life.

– Get feedback about what is working and what is not with your program.

Qualitative and quantitative data.

Reach out today to hire staff for your next event.

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