Experiential Marketing Is The Way To Go! 9 months ago

What is Experiential Marketing? Well straight off of Wikipedia its described as engagement marketing, event marketingon-ground marketing, live marketing, and participation marketing. But regardless of how it is referred to, it serves one purpose. "It is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand."- Wiki

What does all that mean? Experiential marketing is all about the interaction between two people. It means people, like you and I, engaging other people and providing them with a message about a brand or service. It means talking to people, interacting, and having them leave with a memorable experience generated around a brand. Sometimes people even get to try the products being promoted. Food samples are our favorite! However, people have gotten such goodies as tech tools, coupons are also very common, and even liquor samples. Who doesn't want that stuff for free!

So why does CEA love experiential marketing. Because we get to supply the people that provide the message. Who are these people? They are often referred to as brand ambassadors, promotional models, promo staff, event talent, trade show models, and event staff. But in the end they all serve the same purpose and that is to bring life to our clients products and/or services.

CEA has been providing experiential staffing for almost 10 years from coast to coast. Our event staff have the experience, energy, and desire to represent our clients in the best ways possible and guarantee their brands are remembered! We love our nationwide CEA staff.

Have a question about experiential marketing? Feel free to reach out to learn how CEA can help provide the right people to bring you brand and event to life! 


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