Creating the Perfect Profile! 9 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to sign up and create a profile with CEA Staffing! Now, we want to make sure that your profile really stands out to our clients so we've put together some key tips you should follow when creating and maintaining your profile. Thanks and hope to work with you on some promotions soon!!

1. Follow the directions on the right side of the submission form. Make sure you are uploading proper file types and sizes. This info will tell you exactly how to create your profile.

2. Make sure your images are current. Did you take new photos recently? Then make sure you upload them to your profile so we can see your most current shots!

3. Do NOT skip the experience section. This is your time to really sell yourself to our clients. Highlight the position’s you've held, e.g., lead, brand ambassador, tour manager, etc. 

4. Do not skip the about me section. Tell us about your hobbies, something interesting about yourself, the most fun you've had working a promotion, the number of years you've worked in the industry, or maybe why you love the promotional industry!

5. Make sure your stats are correct. Some client have a specific need for an event, like a 5'5 brown eyed girl. If you skipped the stats, your will be overlooked. = (

6. Make sure to include your social media links. We use this to ensure your look is current and sometimes to get in contact with you if we can not reach you by phone or email. We like to see professional model pics ( if you have them ), but we love uneddited images as well. We need at least 1 uneddted pic.

7. Make sure your contact information is correct. This is how we get a hold of you to work events.

8. Make sure to let us know if you speak another language. We provide a lot of bilingual staff for events across the nation!

9. Lastly, actually one of the most important things to remember, if you don’t fill in all the required fields and hit SAVE then information may be lost. If you try and skip over required fields you may also lose any info you filled in or images you uploaded as well. 

Thanks and hope this helps!

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