Check Out 5 Of The Largest Upcoming Trade Shows of 2015 9 months ago

Five of the Largest Upcoming Trade Shows of 2015

Check out some of the largest, coolest, and highly visited upcoming trade shows in the states. CEA books dozens of girls for these shows to assist with lead generation, crowd gathering, demos, and even to dress up as costume characters. Learn more about these shows below and be sure to contact CEA Staffing to book a model if you are exhibiting!!


Comic Con International 

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San Diego, San Diego Convention Center – July 2015

Comic Con, probably the biggest event of this summer! If you're into movies, TV, video games, or just simply enjoy entertainment – you need to be there! Big name actors, directors, and writers will be there and you can get the chance to meet all of them! It's an epic event and definitely a great opportunity to showcase your work. Why not add a little extra attention by hiring some of our trade show models to dress up as characters and promote your brand! 

Contact CEA Staffing for Comic Con event models!

E3 Expo 

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Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention Center – June 2015

Another huge entertainment event that you don't want to miss! The E3 Expo is an amazing event to attend. Here you'll be able to hear and see new unreleased trailers for upcoming movies, TV shows, and video games. Basically the E3 Expo is a big spoiler show for everything upcoming, but it's a tons of fun. And another great opportunity for you to hire some of our trade show models to help run your stand! 

Contact CEA Staffing for E3 event models or spokesmodels for the show!

National Restaurant Show

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Chicago, McCormick Place – May 2015

Who doesn't like food and drink samples? But it's so much bigger than just test tasting samples, at the National Restaurant Show, restaurants showcase everything. From their food to race cars with their logos! Are you planning on representing on your restaurant at the National Restaurant Show? If so, consider hiring some of our trade show models – they can draw in more customers for you and you could even beat out your competition! 

Contact CEA Staffing for NRA trade show models or demo models!

National Hardware Show

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Las Vegas, Las Vegas Convention Center – May 2015

The National Hardware Show is something to see. If you're a big home improvement person – this is the place for you to be! All the latest tools and gadgets on display for you to see. The majority of the customers at these shows are of the male persuasion, so why not hire some of our models to draw them in to see your product?  

Contact CEA Staffing for National Hardware Show trade show models!

Swim Wear Association of Florida

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Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center – July 2015 

Models… Swimwear… I think this one is somewhat self explanatory, but allow me to continue! Are you planning to showcase your new designer swim wear at this years Swim Wear Association of Florida? If so, I highly suggest hiring some of our models.

Contact CEA Staffing for swimwear models or trade show models for the show! 


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