Are you an amazing Brand Ambassador?? The 18 Point Check List! 9 months ago

Here's a simple checklist to help ensure you are reaching your AMAZING brand ambassador potential! If you are not able to check off at least 10 of these you may have to step up your brand ambassador game! Following this check list will ensure you get hired and continue to get hired. = )

The AMAZING Brand Ambassador Check List!

1. I am reliable and if I am booked for an event I commit to working the event.

2. I am never a no show.

3. I make sure that all of the information I provide to my agency for event bookings is up-to-date.

4. I get back to my booking agent promptly to answer any questions they may have.

5. I get in all of my paperwork prior to the start of my event.

6. If a training manual is provided to me I make sure to read it thoroughly and I ask all questions that can be asked prior to event, prior to the event. 

7. I double check my booking confirmation details to make sure I know the location of my event, start time, end time, event contact, uniform, and any other information I need to execute the event.

8. I map out my route prior to the event so that I arrive on time and allow adequate time to park and reach my event location. 

9. I check in with my booking agent and let them know when I am on my way to the event and when I have arrived. 

10. I am always 15 minutes early to every event.

11. I follow the directions my manager provides to me.

12. I do not take advantage of breaks and come back from them on time and ready to go.

13. I do not use my cell phone during event.

14. I do not chat up other brand ambassadors while I am working.

15. I engage consumers in a friendly and professional manner.

16. I am dedicated to executing my events to the best of my ability and representing all of my brands with great character and energy.

17. I turn in any event recaps, time sheets, pics, and any other information required by agency in a timely manner.

18. I am an amazing brand ambassador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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