CEA Event Models Host Dassai Sake Annual Party!

CEA staff executed numerous events that took place in corporate offices across both New York City and San Francisco. CEA brand ambassadors were hired to educate consumers as well as sample our clients healthy snack box. The company creates amazing offices by providing them with a great delivery service of healthy snack box options. They believe that everyone should have access to delicious and healthy snacks with the best ingredients in the work place. These snack boxes  make employees happier which in turn helps them perform better. Happy healthy tummies equals productive workers! Woo hoo!

CEA Staffing and our brand ambassadors were delighted to work with this great startup company. We are constantly working with startups to help give their brands a powerful voice which reaches hundreds if not thousands of consumers! Reach out to learn how CEA Staffing can give your startup a voice and an instant following! 

 Check out some pictures below of CEA Brand Ambassadors at the sampling events

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