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Hire A Mascot For Your Event! 4 days ago

Using a mascot at an event can have a number of benefits, such as:

Attracting Attention: A well-designed and well-executed mascot can be a great attention-grabber at events. They can help draw crowds and create a memorable experience that people will associate with the event.

Enhancing Engagement: Mascots can help create a sense of excitement and fun at an event, which can enhance engagement with attendees. They can also be used to interact with attendees, posing for photos and engaging in other activities.

Building Brand Recognition: A mascot can be an effective way to build brand recognition, as it provides a memorable visual representation of the event or company. When attendees see the mascot, they will remember the event or company it represents.

Creating a Memorable Experience: Mascots can create a unique and memorable experience for attendees, especially for children. They can provide a fun and entertaining element to an event that people will remember long after it’s over.

Overall, using a mascot at an event can help make it more memorable, engaging, and fun for attendees, while also helping to promote the event or company.

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BIG TEN IS BACK BABY! 3 weeks ago

Big Ten events are here again! CEA is so happy to be able to work with long time clients and to provide them with the best brand ambassadors around! Our ambassadors love what they do and have so much fun doing it! Thanks Minneapolis CEA team!!

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Super Bowl 2023 And H&R Block For The Win! 1 month ago

Late post! Super Bowl was so much fun thanks to H&R block and our amazing brand ambassadors! Our teams in Baltimore, Birmingham, and Phoenix got to dress up and play fun characters like super fans and referees! They made taxes sound fun! Our brand ambassadors executed yet another fantastic event! 

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Cleveland Brand Ambassadors Turn Up The Heat 1 month ago

Who turned up the heat?! Cleveland did! Thank you to our brand ambassadors in Cleveland for working hard for this review from our client!

“Another GREAT team.”

That’s what we like to hear (and hear often). Reach out to CEA for GREAT ambassadors for your next event!!

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Why Add Trade Show Representatives To Your Booth 1 month ago

Trade show representatives are hired to assist with lead generation, demo products, help with administrative tasks, and be an extension of the companies team. They can also answer questions and as well as assist with sales. They are there to provide additional support and engage attendees so a company does not miss out on a lead or sale!

Thank you to our team in Dallas, TX who worked the Nada trade show! Excellent job!

If you are looking for extra support at your next trade show, contact us today!

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We Staff LA Movie Premiers Too! 2 months ago

We need an exceptional team for a VIP movie premiere in LA. Please send us your best!
CEA: Done 

Brand ambassadors have all the fun! They get to work the coolest events like red carpet movie premiers!

Join our team today or reach out if your in need of one for your next event!

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Anyone At Sundance Need A LYFT? 2 months ago

Anyone need a @lyft!? Our incredible brand ambassadors are out at @sundance serving up hot chocolate and managing a super fun arcade area. Thank you to our brand ambassadors for braving the cold and putting on smile throughout the activation. We are so thankful for the ensign teams we have across the country who show up for us every day!

To book stellar brand ambassadors for your next event, contact CEA Staffing today!! 

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