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Event Etiquette! 6 months ago

Being new to the world of promotions can be intimidating. The following are a few helpful tips for what TO DO and NOT TO DO to make sure that your first event goes AMAZING! If you’re not new to brand ambassador work, it never hurts for a little refresher.

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Introducing: Hailey 6 months ago

Now introducing Hailey from Atlanta! Hailey has been working as a brand ambassador for three years now and is experienced with activations, conferences, festivals, and other events!

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Meet Fiorina! 7 months ago

This is Fiorina from Tennessee! She is a product specialist, brand ambassador, team lead, and field manager with more than NINE years of experience in marketing. She is fluent in Spanish which helps her appeal to different demographics and reach a wider audience.

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The Power Of Your Profile 8 months ago

Hey Brand Ambassadors! Let’s talk for a second about the power of your profile! You’re profile is your online resume. It is meant to highlight you and all you have to offer our brands.

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