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Amazing Event Venues in America 2 months ago

The venue selected for an event is one of the most important choices event producers have to make. Event venues should give you the ability to create a space that your guests will remember. Finding the right venue isn’t always easy, so we thought we would share some fantastic event venues across the United States:

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Keith Urban's First Drive-in Concert 2 months ago

Since the pandemic, many brands have had to think outside the box and find ways to safely execute events in light of covid. Scientists say that when given the opportunity, choosing to be outside is safer than being inside. And so with that information, brands have begun to create more and more outdoor and drive-in events as they can be a safer way to bring people together and maintain social distance. Take Keith Urban and his team for example. 

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SXSW Online Experience 3 months ago

The event industry is hopeful that we will all be able to get back to executing events in a new way. Things will obviously look, feel, and even sound different. And were taking notes on how to do this from event producers from one of the biggest events of the year!

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A look into what events will look like for 2021 3 months ago

Hello everyone! 

2020 was a very interesting year that made us all have to change for the greater good. A lot of stores, events, restaurants, and much more had to either cancel/close or it just all went remote. But with a deeper understanding of the virus now we know a lot more than we did back in March so that we can try to go back to normal a bit.

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