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Ways you can support the BLM Movement 7 months ago

This past week has weighed heavily on our hearts, but we MUST not sit back and learn nothing from everything that has happened. We must not act as though these were just instances that will pass and become yet another memory. We must listen, we must learn, and we must act.

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The Importance Of Having A Diverse Team Of Brand Ambassadors 8 months ago

Here at CEA, our number one objective when staffing an event is to provide our clients with a diverse team. We are not focused on age, race, or gender, but rather on the skills our BA’s possess and can bring to every event like personality and professionals. We want our teams of brand ambassadors to represent every single person walking down the street from every walk of life. It’s important for your audience to see a little bit of themselves in your brand and our brand ambassadors are there to represent this for your brand.

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