Super Bowl 2021 was a bit interesting this year 8 months ago

The Super Bowl this year was a bit different than ever before. Sunday was the big game/event between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When you turned on your TV you probably thought to yourself, holy cow! Why are there so many people at the Super Bowl?! We thought the same thing! Then we looked a little closer and realized more than half of the seats were filled with fan cutouts, 30,000 to be exact. The rest of the audience were indeed 22,000 real people. Fun fact, 7,500 of those fans were healthcare workers.

The super bowl definitely confirmed how much things have changed, but the NFL still found a way to bring people together safely and did a good job of making it feel somewhat like the Superbowl we once knew. They accomplished this through a combination of mass testing, rigorous contact tracing, isolation of suspected cases, high-levels of mask-wearing, and social distancing.

Second fun fact. There was a streaker at the super bowl too! Yes!! A fan ran onto the field and pulled his pants down and somehow made it into the end zone but was then led out by security. CRAZY! But does anything surprise us anymore? If you want a laugh you can view the stunt by clicking here.

Now let’s talk about the halftime show. How could we not? The halftime show was still a jaw-dropper as it always has been with an amazing performance by The Weeknd. His performance has already created a stir in the world of memes this weekend. One of our favorite meme’s is of the Weeknd walking around with a camera in his hand and people have been coming up with some creative captions like:

  • “5 year old me in the grocery store looking for my mom.”
  • “Me looking for toilet paper at Costco last March.”
  • “This what my Snapchat on a night out looks like.”
  • “Toddlers trying to talk on FaceTime.”

Also, we can’t forget all the amazing commercials! There were sooo many good ones this year. Huggies had our heart-melting. Check it out here. Which one was your favorite?

The Super Bowl winner was Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chunky Money the sweetheart puppy from the Puppy Bowl, of course! What an exciting event this was! We can’t wait for more events to come!

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