Meet Svetlana Our New York Brand Ambassador!! 3 years ago

New York, the concrete jungle, home to many of our esteemed brand ambassadors!! Including bilingual brand ambassadors like Svetlana! She is bilingual in English and Russian and has basic understanding of Spanish.

Svetlana is our seasoned event specialist with an eleven-year background in experiential marketing. She is a highly motivated, organized, and detail-oriented event manager who knows how to give her guests the best service possible. She has a strong sense of logistics and problem solving in a high-stress environment. Plus, she has the ability to lead teams and new initiatives with excellent communication skills.

Svetlana LOVES a challenge!!! If you’re in need of someone with photography background, Svetlana is your girl! She has a proven track record doing photography and developing media campaigns too!!

She has had exposure to events big and small, locally and nationally, and bringing her great perspective and innovative solutions to the table. Svetlana has a deep understanding of planning and creative processes, as well as all aspects of the industry.

Some of her jobs as a team lead include working for big brands: Pantene Pro VEmpire on FOX, Progressive Insurance, and DC Comics.

She has worked as a brand ambassador with the following brands as well!

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