Meet Jaymond from Alabama! 3 years ago

Roll tide! Jaymond from Alabama is one of our awesome brand ambassadors representing CEA Staffing with a smile!

He is friendly, charming, highly motivated, and has an extremely outgoing personality. Traveling is his passion and he is willing to go wherever opportunity takes him!

Not only does Jaymond have a passion for travel but he has grown a passion for the event staff industry. He is a brand ambassador 24/7 which has led him to being an outstanding brand ambassador! His knowledge of the industry continues to grow with each event.

Jaymond loves to host events, meet new people, and experience new things. No wonder his personality is so outgoing!

He has worked with Fireball at multiple events and has worked with many beer brands. He loves to share his knowledge of beer while engaging with potential customers!

His skills include being an excellent and motivated brand ambassador, product specialist, team lead, field manager, promotional model, and event coordinator!!

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