Know the Brand You're Representing! 4 years ago

Have you ever taken a test without knowing anything about the topic? How did you do on that test? Most likely not very well…

The same goes for preparing for an event. If you go into an event without knowing anything about the brand you are representing, you probably won’t do a great job representing the brand!

It is SOOOO VERY IMPORTANT to have knowledge on the brand you are representing. You must know the products/services you are promoting!! How can you answer customer questions if you don’t know anything about the brand??

Prior to an event, do some of your own research on top of the information CEA and our clients provide to you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the brand you are representing?
  • What is their mission?
  • Do they have an amazing startup story you can share?
  • What kind of products or services do they sell/provide?
  • Is there anything special about their products/services that differentiates them from competitors?
  • If it’s a food brand, is it certified organic or vegan? Gluten free?
  • If you can, find if there are reviews on their products/services. What are others saying about their brand?
  • How do they currently promote their brand and their products/services?
  • What can YOU bring to the table???

If you study the brand and all of your training materials, there is no doubt you can do an A+ job! You have been hired and trusted to be the face and personality for the brand. Give it your all!!!!



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