Have you heard of the 'Immersive Van Gogh' Exhibit? 1 year ago

Hey, Chicago, have you heard of this fantastic exhibit taking over the city and social media? No! Okay, we will fill you in.

It’s called the “Immersive Van Gogh exhibit” and it’s an audio/visual experience surrounding guests with animated images and an amazing soundtrack. The exhibit is 14,000 square feet of space: two large rooms, two smaller rooms, and a balcony that looks over one of the larger areas. Guests can roam freely through each room, experiencing the Dutch painter’s most famous works like Starry Night and Wheatfield with Crows.

The experience is located at the Lighthouse ArtSpace at Germania Club, a historic building in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. To learn more about the history, click here!

Each presentation allows 80-300 people in the rooms so that there is still room for people to be socially distancing. There are circles located on the floor to help people remain distanced throughout the entire experience. 50 high-definition projectors fill the walls and the floors with visually stunning works of art from Van Gogh. To ensure you have the best experience, make sure not to miss any of the four rooms and note that you will only have 35 minutes in the experience. Short, but well worth it!

The ticket price for adults is $40, which is more than any Chicago museum. Still, no other museum has this kind of technology or experience, so it’s worth it! To learn more and to get a sneak pick of the exhibit, click here!

There are still fun events and things to do amidst covid and hopefully more to come.

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