How to become a promotional model! 9 months ago

Are you interested in becoming a promotional model, brand ambassador, trade show model, field manager, etc? Well then read on!!

We receive a number of email inquires on a weekly basis from people interested in entering into the promotional world. So we thought we would take a moment and answer one of those emails and some additional common questions. We hope this blog gives those interested a better understanding of how to go about joining the promo industry! 

Hello, My name is Jysel!  I am 19 years old and I am currently attending college. I wanted to receive advice on how I can become a promotional model

What experience is needed? 

We understand that in order for someone to become a great promotional model they have to start somewhere. So we are willing to hire new talent who have the work ethic and drive to become great. We do require our staff to have real world work experience. That experience can be in retail, the corporate world, the food industry, etc. We want to know you have experience interacting with people and that you were able to hold a position in which a company relied on you to be there on time and execute certain tasks on a daily basis. The promotional industry is all about interacting with people. So if you are a people person, you are more than half way there! Reliability, professionalism, and great work ethic will get you the rest of the way. 

Where can I start? 

Search the internet for promotional staffing agencies. There are tons of us! Start by sending your resume, cover letter, and a few images so we can get to know you. Many agencies have a submission form you can fill out as we do on our website. Make sure you fill out the submission form completely. Do not leave any fields empty. If you are not able to fill out the experience section, highlight relative work experience that shows you are an outgoing and reliable worker. Make sure to like the companies social media pages and apply for events when they are posted! You will get a call soon enough! 

Do you provide any training for beginners with potential who want to grow as a promotional model

We do not provided one on one training and most promotional staffing agencies do not. We do however, train our staff when there is an event they have been hired for. This training will provide our staff with the tools, equipment, and information needed to execute. 

Work experience in the real world is the best type of training you can get to prepare yourself for the events an promotions industry. Again, any work that allows you to engage people, provide them with exceptional customer service, and requires you to be professional and show great work ethic will most definitely prepare you for work in this industry.

Here are some additional questions that we have been asked…

Do I need professional images? 

It really depends on the event and client. Some clients are looking for experienced models while some are looking for every day people to work as brand ambassadors. We suggest getting some semi professional images taken. Any clear images that show you and only you. Make sure to smile and have a head shot as well as great smiling pic and full body image ready to submit. This should be fine for most promotional staffing agencies

How will I be paid?

All agencies have different payment terms depending on the events and their clients. Be sure to ask your agency what the payment terms are before each event. Most agencies pay out within 30 days. CEA Staffing pay’s as fast as 7 business days or sooner with some events! Again, it depends on the agencies terms with their clients. 

We hope our answers to these questions help you on your path to becoming a promotional model, brand ambassador, trade show model, or maybe even a field manager one day! Best of luck! 

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