Happy Mothers Day Jeannette, YOU ARE AMAZING!! 9 months ago

We would like to take a moment and honor one of our favorites here at CEA Staffing, Jeannette. This will be the second time she has been featured on the blog =). We know Mothers Day was yesterday but we felt like honoring another mother because mothers should be honored everyday!

Jeannette has been working with CEA Staffing since we opened back in 2006! She has worked numerous events for us and is an exceptional asset to our team as she is articulate, charming, energetic, reliable, experienced, and bilingual! She is graduating with a degree in geography next week and is celebrating 10 years with her hubby!! She also holds a full time job with the county. Yes, she has and does it all. She has never once let us down and we are so very honored to have her working promotions and events for us!

Now on top of all that we just mentioned, Jeannette is also an amazing mother to Noemi ( 8 ) and Zadie ( 5 ) pictured below. She finds time to juggle love, school, work, and children and in our eyes this is the type of woman who could rule the world! She is a mother that we admire and we just want to say once again Happy Mothers Day Jeannette YOU ARE AMAZING!

To View Jeannette's Full Profile: CLICK HERE

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