Featured Model: Michelle From Chicago! 9 months ago

Meet Michelle! She's originally from St. Louis, but now calls Chicago home!

She thinks of herself as a major goofball–always cracking jokes and making people laugh. Spontaneity is in her blood. She loves trying all sorts of new things: restaurants, museums, traveling, music festivals, runway shows. She lives life to the fullest and with optimism!

And although it's freezing cold in Chicago right now–in the warmer months, you'll find her roller blading along the waterfront or hanging out at the beach.

Currently, she's attending Columbia College Chicago, pursuing a degree in Marketing Communications with a focus in Public Relations. Ultimately, she wants to travel as an Event Coordinator and work in Publicity with the Entertainment Industry. You go girl! 

She loves the promotional modeling world, because she truly enjoys people. She loves getting to learn, while being her usual outgoing self! It's a perfect fit for the promotional world;) 

We are proud of you for dreaming big, Michelle! Keep it up;)

To view Michelle's full profile and experience click here!

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