Amazing Event Venues in America 8 months ago

The venue selected for an event is one of the most important choices event producers have to make. Event venues should give you the ability to create a space that your guests will remember. Finding the right venue isn’t always easy, so we thought we would share some fantastic event venues across the United States:

1. The Ivy Room

    • Located in Chicago on the River North is a beautiful earthy space that will make your guest feel one with nature. It can hold up to 200 guests in most of their rooms. They offer a variety of floor plans you can pick from ballrooms to courtyard space.

2.  The Astorian

    • Located in Houston, Texas, the Astorian gives off a 1920’s inspirational art design feel that will wow your guest making them feel like they are back in time or in a movie. This venue can hold over 700 guests standing and seat 400 guests. The Astorian is perfect for any event, from weddings to birthday parties.

3. LondonHouse

    • Located in Chicago in the North Loop on the Riverwalk, LondonHouse can hold up to 350 guests. The venue is excellent for weddings, social events, and corporate meetings. This venue gives off a Euro-feel that will make you feel like you not even in Chicago. It has three-levels of rooftop space, which no other Chicago space has to offer.

4. Mansion on O Street

    • Located in Washington D.C., Mansion on O Street is one of the world’s most historical event venues. The designer Edward Clark, who also help design the United States Capitol, put leftover tiles and wood from the Captial into this Mansion. This venue can hold up to 650 guests. It contains 12 conference rooms, large event galleries, ballrooms, and various unique spaces for a wide range of events.

5. Hard Rock Cafe

    • Located in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard, it is right next to the infamous Dolby Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The cafe can host about 800 guests and give your guest an interactive experience that they will never forget. You could have live entertainment and a large LED screen that can brand your event name or a personalized message.

These are just a few excellent venues around the U.S. that you can pick from, but the selections are endless. Find a space that is unique and speaks to you and your event needs! Hope your event is perfect, and remember to think of CEA Staffing when you’re in need of staff for that event. 😉

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